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How can you prove the existence of hereafter-life after death? Belief in the hereafter is not based on blind faith Many people wonder as to how a person with a scientific and logical temperament, can lend any credence to the belief of life after death. People assume that anyone believing in the hereafter is doing …


Some Hadith terminologies

Only the significant terms of Tahqiq’al Hadith are being pointed here. As a Muslim, everyone should know these terms: Sanad (سند): The source of the main word of the hadith which has reached the compiler of the book is called sanad. The names of the narrators of the hadith are arranged one after the other. …

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One of the distinguishing features of our civilization is the presence of a large number of religions and ethical systems. Humankind has always sought to understand the reasons for creation and his place in the scheme of things. Arnold Toynbee studied the history of man through the ages and put his findings in a monumental …

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