Heavenly Books

Allah sent Prophets to guide man. Allah sent guidance to us through His Prophets. This guidance of Allah is called wahi.
The English word for wahi is revelation. Revelation means to make something known. Wah i (revelation) is the gift of Allah to man.
>Who brought this wahi to the Prophets?
It was Angel Jibreel ( AS ) who brought wahi to Allah’s Prophets. These were Allah’s messages. These messages were collected in the form of books . The Qur’an speaks of four such books.

These four books are:
1. The Suhuf which were given to Prophet lbraaheem (AS).
2. The Zaboor which was given to Prophet Daawood (AS).
3. The Tawraa which was given to prophet Musaa (AS)
4. The lnjeel which was given to Prophet lsaa ( AS ).
>The Qur’an which was given to Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ).

All these books had the same message of Tawheed, that is there is no god but Allah.

What happened to these books?

Except for the Qur’an , all the other books were lost or changed by people. Today the original words of these lost books do not exist, but we still believe that Allah once sent these books. We now have the Qur’an only. Its words are original as they came to our Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ).
Allah has protected the Qur’an in its original form. It is part of our faith to believe in the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the last and final divine book, and no other book will be revealed by Allah again.

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