The Angels

The Arabic word for angel is malak. Malaa’ikah is its plural. Allah created the angels and created them just as Allah created man and everything else. They are made of light. We cannot see them, but we know that they are there! This is because Allah’s Messenger ( pbuh ) told us so.

The angels are Allah’s servants. They obey Him all the time. They carry out His commands. They have no power to disobey Allah. Allah wanted man to obey Him, so He sent Angel Jibreel ( as ) to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Angel Jibreel (as) told the Prophet ( pbuh ) what Allah wanted man to do. Jibreel (as) brought the Qur’an to the Prophet (pbuh) at the command of Allah. This was Jibreel’s duty. Allah sent Angel Jibreel ( as ) to many Prophets before Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ). There are many angels. Different angels do different duties. Angel Jibreel (as)is one of them. Every one of us has two angels who remain with him all the time. They never leave him, and they write down everything he does or says! They write down his good actions and bad actions. Mikaa’eel (as), lsraafeel (as), Ridhwan (as) and Jibreel (as) are also some of the angels. A Muslim believes in all of Allah’s angels.

Important Angels:

  1. Hazrat Jibril (AS) : Deputed to convey of Allah to the prophet.
  2. Hazrat Isrrafeel (AS) : Assigned the duty to blow ‘SOOR’ on Dooms Day.
  3. Hazrat Mikaeel (AS) : Deputed to manage rain and provide food (livelihood) to mankind.
  4. Hazrat Izraeel (AS) : Deputed to take away the life on the order of Allah.

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