The Messengers of Allah

Normally Allah does not speak to man directly. He does not tell each one of us separately to do this and not to do that.
Allah’s way to tell us to do things or not to do them is through His Prophets and Messengers. He chooses a person to receive His message. The person who receives this message becomes the Messenger of Allah .

Allah sends His message to the Messenger through Angel Jibreel ( AS ). The Messenger then gives this message to people. Allah sent Prophets and Messengers to different people at different times. They spoke to people in Allah’s name and guided them. The Prophets and Messengers of Allah were men. They were noble people.

  • The first Prophet was Adam (AS) .
  • The last Prophet was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) .

Some other Prophets were:

Nuh (AS)

Ibraaheem ( AS)

Ishaq (AS)


Yusuf (AS)

Musa (AS)

Haroon (AS)

Yahyaa (AS)

Isa (AS)

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