Etiquette of Using the Toilet

lstinjaa is an Arabic word. It means purification . If you purify something, you make it clean by removing every dirty and harmful thing from it. When you need to go to the toilet, do not carry anything with you that has Allah’s Name on it.
Before stepping into the toilet with your left foot, say:

In the name of Allah. 0 Allah, I seek protection in you from the male and female devils. Keep yourself screened from view by closing the door of the toilet.

Do not talk while relieving yourself. You should not return the greeting (as-Salaamu Alaikum) of someone who greets you. Do not respond to anyone who talks to you. Do not urinate while standing, without a good reason.

If you sneeze, you should praise Allah in your heart. AI-Hamdu lillaah. All praises and thanks are due to Allah. Do not say it loudly.

If you have to answer the call of nature outdoors, you should use an out-of-the-way spot where the ground is soft and where no one can see you. You must not urinate in holes, wells, pits or in the shade of trees.

After relieving yourself, clean yourself well with water. But if you are using a tissue make sure to wipe yourself at least three times – with a fresh tissue each time.

Come out of the toilet with your right foot first, saying: Ghufraanak, I seek your forgiveness, (0 Allah).

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