Etiquette of Going out

When you leave your home, say this prayer:

Then walk with ease.
Do not walk too fast or too slowly.

When Allah’s Messenger ( pbuh ) walked, He walked with ease. When he turned to address somebody, he turned his whole body completely. Do not run on the road or pavement. Walk on the pavement. Take long steps and place your feet firmly on the ground.
If you find anything harmful on your way, put it side. Allah will reward you for your good deed. Allah’s Messenger ( pbuh ) said: “A man once stepped on a thorn on the road and said to himself that he would uproot the thorny plant so that it would never again do harm to any other Muslim. Allah, therefore, forgave him his sins.”
Do not stay out needlessly. If you come across Muslims on your way say: ‘Assalamualaikum’ to them. The young should say salaam to the old and the passer-by to the one sitting.
When you come back, enter your house saying ‘Assalamualaikum’ to your family.

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