Kindness to Parents

After being obedient to Allah and the Messenger of Allah (swt), a Muslim must be obedient to his parents. He should be polite and helpful to them. He should avoid doing things that will irritate them and try to be kind to them. A Muslim should obey his parents and do things they tell him to do!
If your parents tell you to brush your teeth, to do your homework, to wash yourself, or to bring something from the kitchen, you should quickly do as you are told. Once a man asked the Prophet ( pbuh ), ‘Which action is most beloved to Allah?’ The Prophet ( pbuh ) replied, ‘The salah at its correct time.’

The man then asked him about the next best action, and the Prophet ( phub ) said, ‘Kindness to parents. ‘

If you are kind to your parents, then they will be happy with you and will love you. If your parents are happy with you, then Allah will also be happy with you and will love you.

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